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Leader Generation

Intentionally create a generation of nurses who are prepared to immediately create and confidently live the brand image of “nurses are leaders”.

More to come in 2021!

Leader Generation: About Us

Key Points


To facilitate the development of a community of transformational nurse leaders who incorporate professional advancement with staff satisfaction, engagement and retention, while enhancing patient satisfaction and improving unit level quality metrics in the acute care setting.


Apply the principles of transformational leadership in a manner which:

  • Mentors, motivates and engages members

  • Enhances quality, patient experience, and safety

  • Provide opportunities for professional advancement


  1. Understand yourself and others to cultivate the personal, professional, and relational development of nurse leaders.

  2. Promote a transformational community of nurse leader relationships within and across the organization.

  3. Apply the principles of transformational leadership within an acute care setting.

  4. Achieve a higher level of excellence at the unit level through improved quality, patient experience, safety, nurse satisfaction, and quality metrics.

  5. Recognize the language of nurse leadership.

Three primary focal points will be emphasized during the NLA: 

  1. Personal Growth and Development of the Nurse Leader (weeks 1-2)

  2. Professional Growth and Development of the Nurse  Leader (weeks 3-4)

  3. Relationships in the Community of Nurse Leaders (weeks 5-6)

Leader Generation: Text
Leader Generation: Text
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